Denise Brusveen county board

Hello! I’m Denise

My husband and I established our roots in the Poynette community in 2006 and became parents to the first of our three children in 2007.  I grew up on a dairy farm in southern Minnesota and moved to Wisconsin to attend college at UW-Madison where I met my husband (a Pardeeville native).  We got married and moved to Poynette before I had even finished graduate school. 

Upon graduation, I worked for four years as the UW-Extension Agriculture Educator in Sauk County.  I left that job in order to focus on raising our young children.  In addition to our children, we now raise goats, chickens, and pigs on our small, but growing farm in Dekorra.  I also own and operate a health coaching business, specializing in women’s health.

I have had the pleasure of serving on the Columbia County Board of Supervisors since April 2020.  I have experience on the Finance Committee, Executive Committee, Planning & Zoning Committee (chair), Health & Human Services Committee, and Ag, Extension, Land & Water Conservation Committee.  I am also serving this term as the First Vice Chair of the County Board.

Priorities for Next Term

Restore Trust

Party politics has no place in county government, so I will continue to be a fair and independent voice. Rules have been tossed aside by many with no recourse this term. This is not okay, and I will fight to restore your trust in your county government and represent you with strong morals and unwavering integrity.

Increase Transparency

You shouldn’t have to attend every county board meeting in order to know what your elected officials are doing. I will do everything in my power to increase transparency so that you can be as engaged as you want in knowing what is happening in our county.  

Work Hard for You

I am known on the county board for thoroughly researching every item I will need to vote on so that I can truly understand each and every issue and make an informed decision.  This will never change.

Make Fiscally Responsible Decisions

Two major fires caused approximately $8M in damage to the Columbia County Solid Waste facility in May 2023.  While some have wanted to utilize a loophole that allows the county to bypass the bidding process and public planning, I am adamantly opposed to rushing forward without public input and a well laid out plan that includes these processes since this project could have such a major financial impact on taxpayers.

The Alliant Energy Center coal plant is slated to close by June 2026, and utility aid payments to the county will be reduced by roughly $1.7M when this happens.  The next county board will determine whether or not to permanently increase the $29M property tax levy by this amount or find other creative ways to fund necessary services in the county.

I will continue to make fiscally responsible decisions with your input to get you the services you want and need without a tax bill you can’t afford.  

My Achievements on County Board

Road Improvements

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For those of you who continue to ask for County Highway V to be redone, I have good news!  I have been advocating for this project to receive priority status since I have been on the county board, and the Highway Commissioner has done just that.  He submitted an application that would bring in over $6 million federal dollars (if granted) to help pay for the road to be redone, which will include raising it in low spots in order to prevent recurrent flooding and will also make the road safer for walking and biking.  I am eager to see this project through to completion on behalf of everyone who uses this road.

Expanded Public Input

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A previous rule only allowed residents to give public comment on topics on the agenda at county board meetings, but I felt that residents should be able to speak on ANY issue at county board meetings, so I drafted an amendment to our rules that passed by a unanimous vote of the full board.

Additionally, I have never limited public input length at any meeting I have chaired.  If people take the time out of their busy lives to come to a meeting, I feel that they deserve my time and attention while they share their comments.

Wise Land Use Planning

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Our state legislature has given state agencies nearly complete control in several areas that threaten to change our landscape like never before.  I drafted two resolutions to ask our legislators and the Public Service Commission to give residents and local government more input and control over the land we call home.  Both passed by a majority vote.

Fiscally Responsible

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During my time on the county board, Columbia County has gone from the 4th highest debt per capita county in the state down to the 13th highest county.  While we’re headed in the right direction, there is a long way to go.

I voted NO on the biggest budget the county has ever seen that raised your county property taxes again this year.

I voted to delay the approval of a $165,000 department request that ended up saving the county $163,500 when an alternative plan was discovered that gave the exact same result.

Protect Our Environment

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I drafted a resolution to the Public Service Commission asking them to do additional environmental impact evaluations for a commercial solar project that would impact over 2000 acres of land on the Arlington Prairie.  The resolution passed with all but three supervisors in support.

Expand Broadband Access

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I supported using federal dollars through the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) to apply for grants in partnership with private entities, including Brightspeed and Spectrum, that should help to increase our internet speeds in Dekorra and reach households that still haven’t been reached.

Increased Transparency

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Several residents have asked how they can find out what is happening at the county.  I have continued to push for increased transparency, which has resulted in the supporting documents for the committee meetings I chair to finally be placed online for the public to view.

Residency Requirements

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Many citizen member committee appointments are made by the county board each year, and I proposed a new rule that required them to live in our county, which passed unanimously.  It just makes sense that if people are going to make decisions that affect all of us in our county, they need to live here.

Support Public Safety

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It’s no secret that most employers across the state have struggled to keep their departments fully staffed.  Our Sheriff’s department has been no exception.  I have voted in favor of creative strategies to increase the hire and retention rates in our dispatch center, jail, and Sheriff Sworn Union so that we can all be confident that our 911 calls will be answered and our emergencies will be responded to.

I Represent You

Because I represent and answer to you, the voters in Dekorra, I have opted not to accept any assistance from any political party, lobbyist group, or organization.

Instead, 100% of the donations to my campaign have come from friends, neighbors, and local residents.

Additionally, I have never arranged for or asked any other person or group to visit homes on my behalf.  I have personally visited as many residents as possible this spring and have thoroughly enjoyed meeting those of you I had not yet met during my four years on the board.


Contact Me

I want to hear from you!  If you have questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach out.


Paid for by Denise Brusveen for County Board.  Justin Brusveen, Treasurer.